Fitrock Hub Android Release Notes

Fitrockr Hub Release Notes



Nov 23, 2021

  • Support for VO2Max and Fitness Age
  • Support for Respiration (Non Logging)
  • Support for SPO2 Readings
  • Refresh Button for Manage Devices Screen
  • Sync Single Device: Added Filter
  • Manage Devices: Devices are now displayed by category
  • New App Icon
  • Fixed several bugs

Nov 18, 2021

  • Upgrade to new SDK 2.4.8 Version
  • Fixed device discovery / mass sync bugs
  • Fixed bugs within Single Device Sync
  • Mass Synchronization of Garmin Wearables
  • Single Sync
  • Offline Sync
  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Device Sync
  • Garmin Scale Sync
  • Supported Scenarios
    • Open Terminal – Hub acts as a public with sync access for everybody
    • Single User – End user sync on his own phone
    • Operator – Syncs are done by Operator with limited functionaliy
    • Admin – Syncs are done by an Admin with access to full Hub functionaliy

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