Help Guide: Use the Fitrockr Live App

Help Guide: Use Fitrockr Live App

How to use the Fitrockr Live app

(1) Download the “Fitrockr Live” app from the Play Store onto an Android smartphone or Android tablet.  

(2) Start the Fitrockr Live app and scan your QR Code.

(3) Pair a Garmin device. 

(4) After pairing, the Garmin device will immediately start live-streaming its data to the Fitrockr Live app. By default, data is not sent to the Fitrockr server.

(5) Click on “Sending” to start data transmission to the Fitrockr server. This will make the data stream accessible in the Fitrockr Admin & Research Center as well as via the Fitrockr REST-API.  

If you want to view the live data stream in the Fitrockr Admin & Research Center, follow below steps:

(1) Go to on a web browser

(2) Enter your login and password

(3) Navigate to Live > Dashboard

(4) Click on “Select a track” (make sure that your data stream is set to “Sending” in der Fitrockr Live app)

(5) Data stream appears in the browser. 

(6) Click record if live stream data should be saved.

Important Information and Restrictions

  • Android device should run on Android OS8+ and requires an active Bluetooth and Internet connection.
  • Garmin device should not be connected to any other device as only one Bluetooth connection can be established at a time.
  • Fitrockr Live app can only connect to one Garmin device. You need to install Fitrockr Live app on multiple tablets/smartphones to connect multiple Garmin devices.  
  • Fitrockr Hub app cannot be used with the same Garmin device in parallel. 
  • Fitrockr Hub app cannot be installed on the same Android smartphone or Android tablet in parallel.

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