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Fetch historic Garmin Connect data

Historic Data Backfill

When you connect a user to a Garmin Connect account, a historic data backfill of 85 days will be automatically initiated. It may take a few minutes until you can see the data in Fitrockr. 

A manual backfill is therefore only needed if no historic data has been received for a specific user during initial setup.

To manually request a historic data backfill, follow these steps:

(1) Go to on a web browser

(2) Enter your login and password

(3) Navigate to Users

(4) Search for the user who you want to fetch historic data 

(5) Click on the user name

(6) Click on More Actions

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(7) Choose between the following options to backfill data:

A – Request Garmin Dailies Backfill

This option will fetch historic all day totals from Garmin Connect. 

B – Request Garmin Sleep Backfill

This option will fetch historic sleep data from Garmin Connect. 

C – Request Garmin Body Comps Backfill

This option will fetch historic body composition data from Garmin Connect. This data is only available if a Garmin smart scale has been connected to the to the Garmin account. 

D – Request Garmin Activity Backfill

This option will fetch historic activity data from Garmin Connect.  

Important note: please request each backfill only once for a user. Requesting a backfill multiple times for the same user will block your Fitrockr platform from receiving any further historic data due to excessive use. 

Contact Fitrockr Support at or your account manager if you need a long(er) historic data backfill for a specific user.

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