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Fitrockr Fitness Challenges Plugin for Any Website

Fitrockr has launched a simple-to-integrate fitness challenge plugin that can be used on any website. The plugin can be added to a website to offer personal fitness challenges.  

The new plugin is already used at the famous Garmin’s #beatYesterday Active Lifestyle Magazine which challenges people of all fitness and activity levels. It captures the essence of bettering oneself, no matter who you are or how you live. 

The Fitrockr fitness challenges plugin has been integrated into the Garmin #beatYesterday site, offering personal challenges with great prizes to win, such as Garmin discount codes.  

#beatYesterday community members can sign up for various personal challenges to win prizes. At launch, community members can choose from three 40 day challenges. A 400.000 steps challenge, a 1.200 minutes activity challenge and a 1.200 minutes Yoga challenge. 

Participation requires a Garmin or Strava account. Activities recorded by a Garmin device or any device connected to Strava will automatically be transferred to the Fitrockr challenges at #beatYesterday.

Community members that achieve the challenge goal within the given timeframe will be rewarded with challenge specific prizes such as discount codes or participation at a lottery. 

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