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Fitrockr Live

An app that takes health data access to a new level

Whoop whoop! We have launched a new product 🚀 It is called “Fitrockr Live” and it lets you stream health data from a Garmin wearable directly and realtime (live) to a mobile phone, tablet and the Fitrockr Health & Research Web App. 

Fitrockr Live comes as an Android and iOS app that connect to a Garmin wearable via Bluetooth. All health data recorded by the wearable is instantly live-streamed to the Fitrockr Live app and displayed to the user. 

Fitrockr Live allows researchers, medical staff and coaches monitor health data during an exercise. With the Fitrockr Live app, workouts can now be monitored, analysed and adjusted based on realtime data.

Besides streaming data to a mobile phone or tablet, Fitrockr Live also streams the data to the Fitrockr Health & Research web application allowing experts to live-monitor the data stream.

The ability to remotely assess and record health data streams opens endless opportunities for remote coaching, remote patient monitoring and remote patient consultation.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about the Fitrockr Live app and its capabilities.

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