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North-East German Society for Gynecological Oncology runs primary ovarian cancer study on Fitrockr

The North-East German Society for Gynecological Oncology (NOGGO) was founded in Berlin on March 27, 1998 and is an association of members from clinics and medical practices in the field of gynecological oncology. Knowledge from research and practice is bundled, further developed and disseminated in society in the form of medical events and clinical studies.

The MAMOC study follows patients with primary ovarian cancer who have completed maintenance therapy with bevacizumab after platinum-based chemotherapy. The aim of the study is to investigate whether subsequent maintenance therapy with the drug rucaparib delays the progression of the disease and is associated with less toxicity than other forms of therapy. A major focus of the study is also on the quality of life of the patients, including daily activity during therapy.

All participating patients wear a Garmin Vivofit 4 activity tracker on their less active wrist as a bracelet. The trackers are issued before the start of therapy and are intended to record the number of steps before, during and after the end of therapy. The participant  management, wearable device management, data collection and data analysis is conducted via the Fitrockr Health Solution platform.

Further information on the study can be found at:


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