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Optimize adherence with push notifications module

We have launched a new module to schedule push notifications to send tasks and reminders to individual users and target groups.

No more empty batteries, no more forgotten tasks, no more unread emails. Welcome to maximized adherence! 🤘🏻

Push notifications support quick and efficient communication with patients and study participants and will ultimately maximize adherence by keeping users on track. Especially for newbie wearable users, it can be difficult to remember charging or synchronizing the new device. Furthermore, following a study protocol that may involve tasks at specific dates and times can be quite a challenge. 

Our push notifications serve as reminders to ensure best participant adherence to achieve your study and monitoring goals.  

Another benefit of using push notifications is that you can provide regular updates about your project to keep users informed and motivated. This is particularly important for long-term monitoring periods where participants could lose interest or even drop out.

The new module allows to notify, remind, instruct and communicate to users with app push notifications. This includes:

  • – Create free text notifications to send tasks or reminders. 
  • – Schedule (dates and time) when notification should be sent.
  • – Assign notifications to individual or group of users.

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