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Sleep Report

Sleep tracking is designed to recognize when a user falls asleep, wakes up and record sleeps stages as they occur during the night. This includes light, deep and REM sleep stages.

Sleep and sleep stages are identified using a combination of heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, body movement and other key inputs. Supported devices also enable body movement, respiration rate and oxygen saturation for a more complete picture.

The sleep score is a number (0-100) that summarizes the underlying data to reveal how a user slept. A high sleep score means that the user is well-prepared for the challenges of the day ahead. 

(1) Go to on a web browser

(2) Enter your login and password

(3) Navigate to “Reports” > “Sleep Analysis”

(4) Select a time period to be covered by the report. 

(5) Select one or more users to be included in the report.

(6) Select the sleep phases to be included in the report. 

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