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Fitrockr notifications allows you to notify, remind, instruct and communicate to users with app push notifications.

You can schedule push notifications to send tasks and reminders to individual users and target groups. Notifications can be directly sent or schedule for regular or later distribution. 

Notifications can be used to remind user to sync or charge their device, assign tasks, provide instructions or just send information. 

Fitrockr notifications can only be used with the Fitrockr Hub mobile app.

Sync Reminders

Charging Reminders

Task Assignments

Free Text Communication

Adhoc notifications

Scheduled notifications

Participant Experience


Notifications are send as push notifications to iOS and Android smartphones that have the Fitrockr Hub app installed. 

Pre-requisite to receive notifications is that users have allowed app notifications when prompted during the Fitrockr Hub app installation.

Administrator Experience

(1) Go to on a web browser

(2) Enter your login and password

(3) Navigate to “Communication” > “Notifications”

(4) Create on (+) to create a new notification


Title: title of notification. This will be shown to the users as notification title.

Users: select the users that should receive the notification. 

Dates: select the dates when the notification should be sent to the users.

Time: select the time when notification should be sent. 

Content: content of notification. This will be shown as notification content to the users.


Click on the chat icon allows sending a notification directly. 


Important Information and Restrictions

Pre-requisite to receive notifications is that users have the Fitrockr Hub app installed on their smartphone and have allowed app notifications for it.

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