Live Health Data Streaming

for Garmin Wearables

Fitrockr is a Next Generation Customizable
Analytics & Research Platform

The Fitrockr Live solution enables Universities, Medical Institutions and Research Institutes to live-stream health data from Garmin wearables. Data stream can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or on a browser. The data stream can also be consumed by third party applications via the Fitrockr API.
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Use of Fitrockr is Simple and Effective

[1] Stream

Wearable live-streams health data to the Fitrockr Live app on a tablet or smartphone.

[2] Share

Fitrockr shares the live data stream via its API.

[3] Analyze

Live data stream can be analyzed and recorded in the Fitrockr Admin & Research Center or any third party app.

Great Monitoring and Analysis Features to Achieve Sustained Results Across Projects

Real-time Health Data Stream

Fitrockr receives a live-data-stream from the user’s wearable and displays it inside the Fitrockr Live app. 

View Data Stream in Browser

Fitrockr provides access to the real-time data stream inside the Fitrockr Admin & Research Web Application for easy< remote access.  


Fitrockr provides a REST API to stream the health data to any third party system.


With Fitrockr, we successfully integrated a live health data stream into our virtual reality healthcare experience!

– VR Technology Institute


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