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Collect and analyze wearable data with access to high resolution physiological raw data, independent and secure hosting, survey and questionnaire responses, real-time data streams, health data reports and exports.  

Analyze high resolution raw data.

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GDPR Compliant

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The leading solution for wearable data research & healthcare

The world’s most renowned Universities, Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Health Tech Companies and Research Institutes run their research studies, clinical trials and patient monitoring projects on Fitrockr.  

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Three simple steps to access high resolution raw health data




Mio Data sets recorded
use Fitrockr


Easy participant management no matter how large the population

Fitrockr provides numerous features to efficiently manage your study participants or patients.

  • Manual set up of participant profiles by researcher or medical staff.
  • Self-service profile set up by participants.
  • Excel file batch participant profiles upload.
  • Automated participant profiles creation via Rest-API.
  • Group participants by projects and research or patient groups.  
  • User roles with role-specific access rights

Manual setup

Self-service setup

Excel batch upload

Rest-API setup

Flexible grouping

User roles


Plug-and-play solution to collect any data recorded on a Garmin wearable. It cannot be easier.

Fitrockr is a plug-and-play research and healthcare solution to collect any data recorded on a Garmin wearable. Participants simply wear the Garmin device and regularly synchronize it wirelessly through Bluetooth on their smartphone or via a central tablet. Large data amounts can also be uploaded via usb if needed.  

Step 1 - Select Garmin device most suitable for the study

Garmin offers a wide range of device models covering all possible research and healthcare use cases. Decide based on supported data types, storage and battery duration. We help you to find the most suitable device whether you purchase through us or directly at Garmin. 

Fitrockr is a corporate solution partner of Garmin since 2018. Fitrockr is one of the Garmin deepest integrated solutions on the market.

Step 2 - Set data sampling rate

Customize the sampling rate for recorded data. 

Totals for each day such as average heart rate, maximum/minimum stress levels, total steps, calories burned, etc.

Sampling rate: Daily

Details for each recorded activity such as GPS information, distance, speed heart rate, temperature, steps per minute, etc. 

Sampling rate: 1-5s

Daily totals split into 15 minute epochs with information on steps, distance, met value, stress, heart rate, motion intensity, etc. 

Sampling rate: 15 minutes

Break down of sleep duration and sleep phases.

Sampling rate: Seconds

Heart rate variability (HRV/BBI) is the time between each individual heartbeat.

Sampling rate: Millisconds

Heart rate data based on each individual heart beat.

Sampling rate: 1-3600s

Stress level and body battery.

Sampling rate: 1-3600s

Pulse oxygen measured by night or 24/7. 

Sampling rate: 1-3600s

Breathing rate.

Sampling rate: 1-3600s

Number of times the signal crosses the zero axis. The acceleration signal measures movement frequency. 

Sampling rate: 30-3600s

Accelerometer measures linear acceleration. 

Sampling rate: 25hz

Gyroscope helps indicate orientation.

Sampling rate: 32hz

Special set of activity metrics.

Sampling rate: Seconds

Step 3 - Connect and sync Garmin device

Choose from a variety of synchronization use cases, either via the participant’s smartphone or via a central tablet. This covers all current and future research and healthcare project demands. 

Smartphone Sync

Participants have access to a smartphone with Internet connection. Garmin device is regularly synced by the participants via their smartphone.

Operator Sync

Participants do not have access to a smartphone. Garmin device is regularly synced by an operator with a tablet that pulls the data from the Garmin device when the participant is met or visited. 

Mass Sync

Participants do not have access to a smartphone. Garmin devices are regularly synced by an operator with a tablet that pulls the data from the Garmin device when the participant is met or visited. 

Live Streaming

Garmin device data is streamed in real-time to a tablet as long as there is an active Bluetooth connection. 

Fitrockr is an awarded-winning solution. Our platform was awarded the “Most Innovative Solution in Healthcare”.


Effective monitoring to prevent data gaps during data collection

Fitrockr provides effective and automated monitoring tools to ensure that your participants adhere to the data collection process. No more data gaps due to empty batteries or wearables forgotten to wear. 

Missing sync alerts

Data gap alerts

Real time data monitor

Data deviation alerts


Effectively prevent behavioural change during data collection

Utilizing wearables in your data collection will lead to a (short-term) behavioural change at your participants. While this might be good for some studies, other study and healthcare results could be strongly affected negatively. To prevent participants from behaving differently in their daily activity, Fitrockr can blank out all health and activity information in the app and on the device for selected participant or patient groups or the entire population.   

Blank out app data 

Blank out device data

Differentiate by study group

Differentiate by project


Compliance tracking to ensure adherence to project and study protocols

Fitrockr offers extensive features for compliance tracking to ensure that requirements of project and study protocols are met. (Non-)Compliance days can be automatically tracked and reported based on project-specific rule sets.

Compliance dashboard

Compliance report

Compliance days tracking

Remote disconnect users


Collect participant or patient feedback and combine responses with wearable data collected

Setup questionnaires and ask your participants or patients to provide feedback. Questionnaires are automatically displayed in the Fitrockr mobile participant app. Answers can be analyzed and combined with the physiological data collected via the wearables.  

  • Create free text, multiple choice and single choice questions. 
  • Set dates when each questionnaire should be answered.
  • Schedule notifications to remind participants to provide feedback.
  • Analyze questionnaires on screen or download data in Excel. 
  • Combine feedback with the physiological data collected via the wearables.

Multiple choice

Single choice

Free text

Schedule surveys

Schedule notifications

Export feedback


Notify, remind, instruct and communicate with app push notifications

Schedule push notifications to send tasks and reminders to individual participants, patients or target groups. 

  • Create free text notifications to send tasks or reminders. 
  • Schedule (dates and time) when notification should be sent.
  • Assign notifications to group of users.

Sync Reminders

Charging Reminders

Task Assignments

Free Text Communication

Adhoc notifications

Scheduled notifications


Assign goals to track achievements

Define goals based on steps, distance, calorie burn or activity minutes. Assign goals individually to individuals or groups and track achievements. Goals are automatically displayed in the Fitrockr mobile participant app. 

Step Goal

Distance Goal

Activity Minutes Goal

Calorie Burn Goal


Access, analyze and export high resolution raw data.

All recorded data can be accessed and analyzed via pre-built standard reports or downloaded as Excel or JSON file format.  

Insight reports

Access insight reports to assess participants’ physiological data. All reports can be viewed on screen or downloaded as Excel file.

If insight reports do not cover your needs, we can build a custom report or just download all raw data and build a report in Excel or via a third party research tool.   

HRV Report

Sleep Report

6-Min Walk Test

Body Battery Report

Heart Rate Report

Stress Report

Vitality Report

Performance Report

High resolution raw data export

Select timeframe, participants and data types and export any data into Excel, CSV or JSON format for further analysis.

Flexible Participant Selection

Flexible Timeframe Selection

Excel / CSV Export Format

JSON Export Format


Fully automate data synchronization with API Developer Access

Use our Rest-API to automate data exchange. Create new users via Rest API and import any data recorded into your own database or app.  


Data protection and security tailored to sensitive data research projects

Fitrockr provides secure EU cloud or local on-premise data storage compliant with the latest security and data protection regulations. 

  • ISO-certified cloud servers located in Germany or Switzerland.
  • Local on-premise installation and hosting available.
  • Studies can be conducted personalized, pseudonymized or anonymized.
  • Each research project receives its own server instance which will be completely deleted including all data at the end of the study. 
  • Fitrockr is a sole software service provider without any business or intentions in any data. Data is only used for the project purpose.

EU cloud

On-premise hosting

GDPR compliant

ISO certified

GCP compliant

HIPAA certified

ISO 27001 certified -300px


Our Cloud hosting center is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and follows international standards on how to manage information security.

gdpr-compliance -300px


We comply to GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area.



We comply to HIPAA – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. 

good clinical practice -300px


We follow GCP – Good Clinical Practice, an international ethical and scientific quality standard for designing, recording and reporting trials that involve the participation of human subjects.


Fully closed military on-premise hosting solution

Operate the Fitrockr solution on-premise either with open Internet access or within a fully closed military VPN.


Fitrockr was the perfect solution for us to manage our participants and their data, as well as to track their progresses throughout the intervention phase.
Dr. Stefano De Dominicis | University of Copenhagen



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