Corporate Health & Fitness Solution

Fitrockr is a Next Generation Customizable Corporate Health & Fitness Platform

Fitrockr is a Social Health & Fitness Gamification Platform to promote and manage corporate fitness activities.
Users are participating in Fitness Leagues and Challenges to motivate themselves to be more active.
Participation requires a Fitness Tracker or Smartphone.
Mio Data sets recorded
use Fitrockr
Mio Steps

Use of Fitrockr is Simple, Fun and Rewarding

1 – Connect

Users connect their fitness tracker, smartwatch or smartphone to their Fitrockr profile.

2 – Rock It

Users are active at any activity they love.

3 – Rank Up

Users and teams participate in various challenges and rank up based on their activity level.

Great and Fun Features Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Innovative & Fun League System

Users participate and compete in various public and private leagues and challenges on Fitrockr. 

A league works similar to a Football/Soccer league. During a season (month or week), users collect activity points, steps or miles/km via fitness activities to improve their ranking. At the end of each season, top athletes are promoted to a higher division. 

The division system ensures fair competition as users with comparable activity levels are automatically grouped in divisions which ultimately increases motivation to be more active.

Private Groups & Challenges

Fitrockr Private Leagues or Challenges are topic-based activity groups. 

This feature allows to set up pre-defined groups (e.g. Runners or Cycling Group) or to define specific targets (e.g. 10K Step Challenge, 50 miles/km Week). 

Private leagues can be created on a Corporate-wide level or by employees themselves.

Enhanced Fitness Analytics

Fitrockr provides valuable analytics to employees. 

The Analytics module provides valuable insights to view and understand how personal activity data evolves over time. 

Furthermore, users can compare themselves with corporate averages (e.g. personal daily step average vs step average of the entire company).

White Label Platform

Fitrockr provides a true Corporate solution with its customizable White Label platform: 


With Fitrockr, we successfully strengthened team building and increased the activity level of our employees by 15%!

– European Bank


Pricing made for all types of budgets

Our pricing depends on user numbers and duration.
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