Enhanced Actigraphy

Actigraphy is a non-invasive method of monitoring human rest/activity cycles. This is particularly useful for studying sleep disorders such as insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and for monitoring the effectiveness of treatments for these conditions. Additionally, actigraphy is used in the study of physical activity and daytime activity patterns for various populations, contributing valuable data in research areas like epidemiology, psychology, and geriatrics.

Zwift integration now available.

Fitrockr has integrated the Zwift data format which allows upload and import of recorded activities from Zwift. On the Fitrockr platform, Zwift data can be combined with other data from wearables and surveys for analysis and coaching.

Enhanced BBI Measurement

The Fitrockr Health Solution platform implements “Enhanced BBI” which highly improves accuracy of measuring the time intervals between heartbeats.

Japanese App Version

The Fitrockr platform has been extended with multi language capabilities. The participant “Fitrockr Hub” app is now available in Japanese language on iOS and Android. This extends the already existing languages English and German.