Fitrockr and Mountain Biometrics Partner to Offer End-to-End Wearable Health Data Collection and Analysis

Fitrockr and Mountain Biometrics Partner to Offer End-to-End Wearable Health Data Collection and Analysis

Dec 4, 2023

[Berlin/Salt Lake City] Fitrockr, the leading platform solution for wearable health data research, and Mountain Biometrics, a pioneer in wearable data analytics services, have partnered to provide an end-to-end solution for health data research customers, covering all steps from wearable data collection to tailor-made data analysis and interpretation.

This partnership brings together Fitrockr’s plug-and-play platform for device health data collection and analytics with the expertise of custom analysis services by Mountain Biometrics. The collaboration aims to benefit a wide range of researchers by providing an end-to-end process for collecting and analyzing high-quality physiological data.

“We are thrilled to extend our service portfolio with the custom analysis services from Mountain Biometrics. I was stunned to see what these guys can do with our 100+ digital biomarker data types that the Fitrockr platform collects from wearable devices.” – Joerg Fehlinger, CEO at Fitrockr

Closing the gap between data collection and analysis

The Fitrockr Health Solutions platform is specialized in managing, collecting and exposing wearable health data for research, clinical trials and healthcare projects. Data can be analyzed via Insight Reports and downloaded as raw data to various formats such as Excel, CSV or JSON. 

While many projects have their own in-house data experts, more and more clients require specialized expertise drawing conclusions for their particular use cases, and turning their data into products. 

This is where Mountain Biometrics excels. Mountain Biometrics is a team of Physicians and Ph.D. data scientists who specialize in working with the wearable device data Fitrockr collects. 

“We believe that the future of health data research lies in the seamless integration of wearable device tracking and biometric data analysis,” says Warren Pettine, MD, CEO at Mountain Biometrics. “Our partnership with Fitrockr marks a pivotal moment in advancing this vision, and together, we are committed to providing cutting edge services to customers.”

Fitrockr extracts 100+ digital wearable biomarkers such as BBI, Stress, Heartrate, HRV, Steps, Intensity Minutes, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Body Battery, Sleep, Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Calories, Training Zones, MET, and many more. 

Using these data, Mountain Biometrics provides expert tailor-made visualization, data analytics, as well as machine learning model development and deployment. 

Mountain Biometrics services include:

  • Assessing and summarizing a customer’s datasets. This helps customers understand their data’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Working with Fitrockr to design and implement a data collection strategy that ensures collection of high-quality material. 
  • Helping customers gain insight into their data through the creation of informative and aesthetic visualizations. These visualizations range from figures for written reports to live, interactive dashboards. 
  • Answering customers’ specific questions through data analytics. Mountain Biometrics’ diverse team of physicians and data scientists combine domain expertise with cutting edge machine learning algorithms.  
  • Turning data into powerful AI products. This ranges from initial model development to cloud deployment and maintenance.

How does a typical joint project look like?

A project that involves Fitrockr and Mountain Biometrics starts with the scoping phase. In this phase, customers align with both partners on desired data outcomes for the study. Fitrockr analyses how the required digital biomarkers can be collected from wearable devices, then advises on wearable models and the collection process. At the same time, Mountain Biometrics determines a customer’s data analysis needs and study goals. The scoping phase results in a cost estimate that includes three components: (1) Fitrockr platform, (2) wearable devices, (3) tailor-made data analysis. Each component is optional, and customer can decide which package best fits their needs.

With the completion of project timelines and budgeting, Fitrockr will configure the platform according to study needs and hand over the platform to the project team who start the participant recruiting and data collection. During and after data collection, Mountain Biometrics will work closely with the customer team to analyze the collected data.

This collaboration ensures that customers maximize the value of their wearable device data to achieve their project and study goals. 

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