Training & Coaching Solution

Fitrockr is a Next Generation Customizable
Training & Coaching Platform

The Fitrockr Trainer & Coach solution allows trainers and coaches to manage their customers, set targets and analyze customer health & fitness statistics. Health and fitness data is directly synced from the customer’s fitness tracker and made available in Fitrockr for assessment.
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use Fitrockr
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Use of Fitrockr is Simple and Effective

[1] Track

Users are wearing a fitness tracker which records their fitness and health data. 

[2] Collect

Fitrockr automatically fetches and imports the fitness & health data .

[3] Analyze

Manage customers, set targets & training plans and analyse fitness & health data..

Great Coaching Features to Achieve Sustained Results Across Users

Individual Targets

Set individual targets for users. Targets can be a step, distance or activity minutes goal that needs to be (repeatedly) achieved in a given timeframe.

Fitness Challenges

Conduct fun online fitness challenges. Fitness challenges can be based on individual users or teams competing against each other based on various criteria. 

Fitness Level

Monitor Fitness Level of your users. Fitness level is automatically generated and reassessed on a weekly basis by the Fitrockr platform.

Health Log

Check and monitor user’s health log which includes information on:

  • – Steps
  • – Distance
  • – Calories

– Stress

– Heart Rate

– Body Battery

– Sleep - Activities

Summary Log

Deep dive into the daily summary log which includes information on:

– Steps

– Distance

– Calories

– Activity Points

Activity Log

Deeply analyze activities and derive recommended improvements and actions for users .

Sleep Log

Analyze and understand sleep patterns to derive recommended improvements and actions for users.

Data Export

Export and download data in Excel or JSON format.


With Fitrockr, I can provide a new level of coaching services to my customers!

– Personal Health & Fitness Coach


Pricing made for all types of budgets

Our pricing depends on user numbers and duration.
Please get in touch and let us know you requirements.

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