Fitrockr and Chronolife announce strategic partnership to advance wearable health technology use in research, patient monitoring and clinical trials

Fitrockr and Chronolife announce strategic partnership to advance wearable health technology use in research & clinical trials

Jan 16, 2024

[Berlin/Paris] Fitrockr, the leading platform solution for wearable health data research and Chronolife, healthcare service operator offering innovative wearables, have partnered to provide cutting-edge health data monitoring and analysis services. 

This partnership extends Fitrockr’s award-winning Health Solutions platform with the real-life data of Chronolife’s innovative Smart Textile device. The collaboration aims to benefit a wide range of researchers and contract research organization or pharmaceutical companies by providing a wearable that allows the real-life measurement of 20+ physiological parameters and health indicators via a t-shirt paired with the functionality of the Fitrockr Health Solutions platform to manage and analyze the data.

When I met the Chronolife team and their technology, I knew right away that we have to bring our products together to combine the best of two worlds. The Chronolife Smart Textile t-shirt extends our vast set of physiological data types and will bring great value to our customers.” 

– Joerg Fehlinger, CEO at Fitrockr

The Fitrockr Health Solutions platform is specialized in managing, collecting and exposing wearable health data for research, clinical trials and healthcare projects. Data can be analyzed via Insight Reports and downloaded as raw data to various formats such as Excel, CSV or JSON. 

Chronolife’s wearable provides high quality physiological data such as:

  • Electrocardiogram (Heart rate, heart rate variability, QT interval, RR interval)
  • Thoracic respiration and abdominal respiration (respiratory rate, respiratory cycle duration, RR variability, inhale / exhale ratio)
  • Skin temperature
  • Physical activity (number of steps, activity level)
All wearable sensors and electronics are fully integrated into a t-shirt, therefore making it very comfortable to wear and easy to use for individuals or study participants. It is also machine washable just as an everyday t-shirt – without the need to remove any electronic component, thus integrating perfectly into the person’s daily life.

“Our mission as healthcare service operator is to foster global healthcare digitization through pioneering remote monitoring services that truly put user experience front and center. Integrating our product into Fitrockr’s Health Solutions platform will greatly expand the use of our wearable and its biometric data analysis.”

Michel Bensimhon, CEO at Chronolife.

Fitrockr extracts 100+ digital wearable biomarkers such as BBI, Stress, Heartrate, HRV, Steps, Intensity Minutes, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Body Battery, Sleep, Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Calories, Training Zones, MET, and many more. 

Integrating Chronolife’s wearable will extend this vast data set and provide customers easy access to it via insight reports and raw data downloads.  

About Fitrockr

Fitrockr is an innovative technology company specializing in health solutions based on wearables. The Fitrockr Health Solutions platform offers modules for Research & Analytics, Fitness Challenges, Coaching and Healthcare. Founded in 2018 and based in Berlin, Fitrockr has received the Garmin Health Awards for Most Innovative Solution in Healthcare and is being used globally by the most renowned Universities, Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Health Tech Companies and Research Institutes.  

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About Chronolife

Chronolife operates an open ecosystem of digital health turnkey services for remote health monitoring of patients and people at risk. The company relies on its multiparametric connected medical device and its off-the-shelf or custom wearables, as well as third-party devices for continuous monitoring of everyday life. Chronolife valorizes and makes the data available through telemonitoring platforms. Founded in 2015 and based in Paris, with a subsidiary in San Diego, Chronolife was co-founded by iBionext, a unique ecosystem and investment fund dedicated to the creation of innovative healthtech startups. 

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The Chronolife Smart Textile solution is not intended as device for diagnosing, monitoring or any treatment purposes. Services are in no way indented to serve as a diagnostic service or platform, to provide certainty with respect to diagnosis, to recommend a particular therapy or to otherwise substitute for the clinical professional judgment of a qualified healthcare professional.

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