Test & Experience Wearable Health Data

Free Health Data Access for Researchers!

Are you a researcher interested in learning how health data collected from wearables can be utilized for research projects?  

Fitrockr Health Solutions and Garmin have set up an initiative that allows interested researchers to access health data for research based on Garmin wearable data for free. The only thing we ask in return is to provide us your valuable feedback. 

Apply for your free access today.

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Test & Experience Wearable Health Data Research for Free

Modern wearable devices measure a growing set of health indicators at a near-medical grade level which makes them an affordable and scalable solution for health data research. 

More and more projects base their health data collection on consumer devices to conduct Clinical Trials, Validation Studies, Activity Studies, Stress Studies, Sleep Studies, Epidemiology Studies, and many more.

Fitrockr Health Solutions and Garmin are providing a free individual “self-experience access” to wearables health data for interested researchers who are new to this topic or want to learn more about the capabilities and quality of wearable data research. 

Application deadline: We are accepting applications until June 30, 2023.

Access includes: 

4 weeks free unrestricted use of the Fitrockr Health Solution Platform

Access includes sample wearable health data

Connect your own Garmin device to collect data yourself 

Cost: there are no cost associated, access will be provided for free. We would appreciate if you provide your feedback during and after the end of the testing timeframe. 

Feedback: All feedback submitted goes into a drawing* to win a premium Garmin device and a 10% discount code on Fitrockr for your next project. 

* the drawing and winner selection is conducted at the sole discretion of Fitrockr. There are no legal rights against Fitrockr or any subsidiary or partners arising from the participation.


Garmin Health provides custom enterprise business solutions that leverage Garmin’s extensive wearable portfolio and high-quality sensor data for applications in the corporate wellness, population health, and patient monitoring markets. As part of a global company that designs, manufactures and ships products worldwide, Garmin Health supports its customers’ commerce and logistics needs, allowing enterprises to scale with a single, trusted partner. 
The Fitrockr platform is an innovative platform to run health data research projects based on Garmin wearables. It provides access to high resolution health data recorded via Garmin wearables for research studies.