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Set up and Connect Garmin Index2 Scale

This help guides explains how to set up and connect the Garmin Index2 scale with the Fitrockr Hub app. If you are using the Garmin Connect app, there is nothing else to do than connecting the scale to Garmin Connect. You can ignore this help guide.

Step 1: Update firmware of Garmin Index 2 scale

The Garmin Index2 scale requires the latest firmware (at least 3.30) to work with the Fitrockr Hub app. Follow below steps to update to the latest firmware: 

(1) Install Garmin Connect on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

(2) Connect scale to Garmin Connect via More > Garmin Devices > Add Device.

(3) The scale will automatically update to the latest firmware version.

(4) Remove Garmin Connect from your device.

(5) Remove scale from your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Step 2: Set up user in Fitrockr

(1) Create a user account in the Fitrockr Research & Control Center at Manage > Users.

(2) Fill in gender, height und weight. 

‼️ this is very important as the scale will only work if this data is prefilled.

Step 3: Factory reset scale

(1) Locate the RESET button on the underside of the scale, hold RESET for 5 seconds and release it. When the factory reset is successful, the display will show the Bluetooth pairing screen.

Step 4: Connect to Fitrockr Hub app

(1) Ensure that you are using the most recent version of the Fitrockr Hub app. To do so, go to the Play/App Store, search for Fitrockr Hub. If you are on the most recent version, button will show “Open”. If there is a new version, button will show “Update”. Click on update to update to the latest version.  

(2) Prio connecting the scale to the Fitrockr Hub app, you must connect a Garmin device to it. Refer to this guide:

(3) After you have connected a Garmin device to the Fitrockr Hub app, click “Add Scale”. 

(4) A popup will open which lists all nearby Garmin devices. Scale “Index 2” should be listed in the popup. If not, conduct factory reset again to make sure scale is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

(5) Follow pairing instructions to pair the scale.

Step 5: Measure weight

(1) Open the Fitrockr Hub app on smartphone.  

(2) Step on the scale to measure weight. 

‼️ you have to measure weight barefoot. Otherwise weight will not be saved and transferred by the scale.

(3) Stand on scale until you see the sandtimer. Once you see the sandtimer, you can step off the scale. The Fitrockr Hub app will show the data transfer. This can be a very short moment. If you are unsure whether the transfer has happened, wait until the sandtimer disappears on the scale before closing the Fitrockr Hub app.

After the measurement, the scale will be shown as “disconnected” in the Fitrockr Hub app. This is normal as the scale will only shortly connect to the Fitrockr Hub app whilst transferring the measurement. 

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