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Manage: Users

Each user represents a project participant, study participant, patient or any individual wearing a Garmin device for data collection.

Users do not have access to the Fitrockr Research &  Control Center. User only wear the Garmin device and synchronize via Fitrockr Hub or Garmin Connect app, depending on project configuration.

Create – create a new user by filling in all profile details. 

Quick-Create – create a new user by filling in user name (or subject ID) only.

Create by Join-Code – this will provide a QR code that can be scanned with the Fitrockr Hub app. The app will then ask the user to fill in all details themselves. 

This feature is not available if project synchronizes with Garmin Connect.

Mass-Import – create user accounts via mass csv upload.

Show Email Addresses – display of all user email addresses. 

User Reports – downloads a predefined data export for all users. 

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