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Analyze: Vitality Report

The Vitality Report is a report that provides key information on vitality indicators of a user. 

(1) Select time period.

(2) Select user.

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High: stress between 76-100.

Medium: stress between 51-75.

Low: stress between 26-50.

Total: total of high, medium and low stress.

Recovery: stress equal or less than 25.


Movement: average active seconds per day.

Moderate movement: MET 3-6.

Vigorous movement: MET > 6.

Heart Rate

High: heart rate above 100. 

Medium: heart rate between 60-100.

Low: heart rate below 60.


Duration: sleep duration of the longest sleep. 

Recovery: Stress equal or less than 25 during sleep.

HRV: HRV during sleep.

Recharge: Body Battery points gained during sleep 

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