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Select the right synchronization type for your project

The Fitrockr Health Solution platform offers two different synchronization typest. Each Garmin device can only be synchronized with one synchronization type.

Asynchronuous Sync (Fitrockr Hub app or Garmin Connect app)
The asynchronuous sync is the standard and most used synchronization type in projects. In this use case, Garmin device records data 24/7 on its internal storage. Whenever the user opens the Fitrockr Hub app or Garmin Connect app, data is automatically synchronized from the device to the Fitrockr cloud. 

The asynchronuous sync is recommended for 24/7 data recordings. All data will also be provided in a standardized and structured format that is easily to export. Furthermore, all Fitrockr reports (e.g. Sleep Report, HRV Report, etc.) are based on this data.

✅ 24/7 data recording

✅ Structured data to download (XLS, CSV, JSON)

✅ Fitrockr reports available (e.g. Sleep Report, HRV Report, etc.)

✅ Fitrockr Hub app and Garmin Connect app available for iOS and Android.

❌ No real-time data stream. Data is only available when user actively sync.


Synchronuous Sync (Fitrockr Live app)

The synchronuous sync is a special synchronization that establishes a live data stream between the Garmin device and the Fitrockr platform. Data can be viewed in real-time while the Garmin device is worn.  

The synchronuous sync is recommended for time-boxed activity monitoring. The live stream can be recorded and downloaded as a live stream json file. However, data is not available as a structured format to export. Fitrockr reports (e.g. Sleep Report, HRV Report, etc.) are also not supported for live streams.

The synchronuous sync is also not ideal for 24/7 data collection as it requires a permanent Bluetooth connection between the Garmin device and an Android smartphone/tablet. If connection gets lost, no data is streamed or recorded during the interupted time period.

✅ Real-time data stream.

✅ Ideal time-boxed activity monitoring.

❌ Not ideal for 24/7 data collection.

‼️ Fitrockr Live app only available for Android.

❌ No structured data to download (XLS, CSV, JSON). Only live tream json file that includes all data.

❌ No Fitrockr reports available (e.g. Sleep Report, HRV Report, etc.).

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