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What happens when a Garmin device runs full?

A Garmin device records data 24/7 and stores it on its internal storage. Storage capacity varies between Garmin models and can range from just a few MB to many GB. 

Whenever a Garmin device is synchronized with the Fitrockr platform, data is erased from the device making space for new recordings. 

But what happens if a Garmin device is not synced for weeks or months? What happens if the storage runs full? 

Some Garmin models will alert user if storage limit is about to be reached. Once the storage limit is reached, the Garmin device will do the following:

Default Data: “default data” is all data apart of “logging data”. Default data will overwrite oldest data files if device runs out of space.

Logging Data: “logging data” is the data configured in the “Extended Data Sampling Rate” (e.g. BBI, Accelerometer, Actigraphy, etc.) section of your project. Logging data will stop recording if device runs out of space.  

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