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Use Fitrockr Hub for multi device sync (multi-sync)

Important Information

Hub admin mode is only available for Android tablets. Compatibility is only ensured for “Samsung Galaxy Tab A” series tablets with 3GB Ram or more and a screen size of 10″ or larger.  

Pair devices

(1) Download the Fitrockr Hub app from Google Play Store and scan the platform QR code which you will receive from Fitrockr. The QR code for multi device sync cannot be created yourself at the moment. 

Depending on its configuration, Fitrockr Hub app will start in admin mode directly or in an alternative mode. In the latter case, click the settings icon and log into the admin section.

(2) Open left-side navigation and select Users.

(3) Select user to connect with a Garmin device.

New users can be created by clicking on the plus icon. Alternatively, users can be created in the Fitrockr Admin & Research Center. Help guide can be viewed here.

(4) Click the settings icon and select Connect Device.

(5) Select the Garmin device from the list of available devices. If Garmin device does not appear, ensure that it is in Bluetooth Pairing mode (e.g. push button on Vivofit 4 to activate Bluetooth or select “pair with phone” on Forerunner 245). Please view the trouble shooting help guide in case of any issues.

It is highly recommended to upgrade the firmware of all Garmin devices prior using them with Fitrockr Hub and in the project. The best way to upgrade the firmware of a Garmin device is by connecting it to a computer and opening the Garmin Updater software. It will identify the Garmin device and offer the possibility to upgrade the firmware.  

(6) Follow steps to pair the Garmin device.

(7) After successful pairing, select the device and click on Disconnect Device. 


The reason for this step is that Android only allows up to 5 actively paired Garmin devices in parallel. If you are just using 5 devices, you do not need to conduct the “Disconnect Device” step. If you are using more than 5 devices, every device needs to be disconnected after successful pairing to free up active Bluetooth slots.

Disconnect Device is not needed for Vivofit 4 devices as they automatically switch off their Bluetooth connection.

(8) After pairing a device must be “initially synced” to transfer settings. Open left-side navigation and select Sync Device.

(9) Select the freshly paired Garmin device and sync it (if you are using a Vivofit 4, you need to push its button to activate Bluetooth). This will transfer all settings to the device so you can start with the data collection.

(10) Open left-side navigation and select Devices.

(11) Select the freshly paired Garmin device and click on Device Details. Check whether the device has applied the correct logging settings. If not, please sync device again.



Garmin device is now set up and can be synced under the navigation item SYNC DEVICE.

Sync devices

(1) Open left-side navigation and select Sync Device.

(2) Select the device and sync it (if you are using a Vivofit 4, you need to push its button to activate Bluetooth). 

(3) After the device has synced, it will automatically disconnect itself. This does not need to be done manually as you did during the initial pairing process.

Alternative Sync via USB Cable

It is also possible to connect the USB charging cable of the Garmin device to the tablet and sync a device through the cable. This comes handy for larger data amounts as sync will be much faster. You can read about the USB sync method at 

Mass sync devices

The mass sync feature will automatically sync all devices in Bluetooth range without the need to manually select each device for sync. The mass sync feature will sync all found devices one by one.

Please reach out to your Fitrockr contact if you need the mass sync feature to be enabled.

(1) Open left-side navigation and select Mass Sync.

(2) Ensure that all devices to be mass-synced are close-by and in Bluetooth range. 

(3) Click “Start Sync” to start the mass sync. Devices will be processed one by one and categorized as follows:

Syncing: device is being synchronized.

Pairing: device is being paired.

Found: devices found and queued for syncing.

Failed: devices failed to sync.

Completed: devices successfully synced.

Ignored: devices ignored; e.g. because device was not paired with tablet or admin chose device to be ignored for mass-sync.

(4) Failed syncs can be manually restarted. To do so, click on the device and select “Reschedule Device”. 

(5) Once the mass sync has finished or if you want to abort it, click “Stop Sync”.

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