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How to use the Garmin HRM PRO Heart Rate Monitor

  1. The Garmin HRM PRO Heart Rate Monitor needs to be connected as an accessory to a compatible Garmin watch.  
  2. The HRM PRO will then record heart rate data and send it to the connected Garmin watch. 
  3. The Garmin watch will consolidate the data and send it to Fitrockr.

Important Information and Restrictions

Garmin HRM PRO Heart Rate Monitor will only record data if:

  • the associated Garmin watch is in Bluetooth range. The Garmin watch does not need to be worn but it needs to be in permanent Bluetooth range.

  • Garmin watch is running an activity. This means that the HRM PRO will start recording data as soon as an activity is started on the Garmin watch. As soon as the activity is stopped, HRM PRO will transfer the data to the Garmin watch.

If Garmin watch is worn together with the HRM PRO during an activity, heart rate data from HRM PRO will overwrite the heart rate data recorded by the Garmin watch. 

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