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Manage: Questionnaires

Questionnaires are freely definable lists of questions to collect subjective feedback from users. 

Fitrockr questionnaires can only be used with the Fitrockr Hub mobile app in the single-sync scenario.

Participant Experience


Questionnaires are shown to users in the Fitrockr Hub app. 

If questionnaires are enabled, users will see a new navigation item called Questionnaires which will show available questionnaires.

Users will receive an app notification whenever a new questionnaire becomes available.

Questionnaires can consist of multiple questions with the following answer types:

– Multiple choice

– Single Choice

– Free text

Administrator Experience - Setup Questionnaires

(1) Click on Create to create a new questionnaire.

Name: title of questionnaire. This will be shown to the participants.

Status: status will only appear after you have saved the questionnaire. It indicates whether questionnaire is active or not.

– Not Active indicates that is has not started

– Active indicates that it is active and currently running

– Archived indicates that it is archived (reached its end date)

Notification Time: select the time when users should be notified per app notification about the new questionnaire.

Active (days): select how much time users have to complete the questionnaire. After this time, questionnaire will disappear from the Fitrockr Hub app.

Dates: select the dates when the questionnaire should be sent to the users.

Users: select the users that should receive the questionnaire. You can also select groups which will include all users within each group.

(2) Click Add Question to add questions to the questionnaire 

Single Choice: user can select one answer option only.

Multiple Choice: user can select multiple answer options.

Free Text: user can enter a free text.


Administrator Experience - Analyze Questionnaires

Click the chart icon to anayze questionnaires.

Click the download icon to download the questionnaire responses as Excel file.

Click the stats icon next to a question to view the responses for the question.

Click the stats icon next to a user to view the responses for the user.

Click the chat icon next to a user to fill out the questionnaire yourself. This can be used as alternatively method to interview a user.

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