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Analyze: Data Export

(1) Configure export

Time Period – determines timeframe to be exported.

Data – select data types to be exported. See Data Dictionary for details.

If a data type does not provide results it may either be due to the Garmin device not supporting it or because it has not been enabled in the project settings. 

User – select users to be exported. You can also select groups which will export all users within a group. 

(2) Click Download and select export format. The export will be listed on the bottom of the page under Available Downloads.

Some data types, particularly BBI, export large amounts of data that may crash Excel. It is advised to use JSON as export format for large data amounts.

Important Information and Restrictions

Availability and granularity of health data depends on the wearable model and whether the wearable has been synchronised using the Fitrockr Hub app or Garmin Connect. The latter supports less data. 

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