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Prepare Wearable Devices

It is recommended that you technically prepare your Garmin devices before deploying them to your participants. The technical preparation should consist of the following steps:

Update Device Firmware

You should update the firmware of all Garmin devices prior using them with Fitrockr Hub and in the project. The best way to upgrade the firmware of a Garmin device is by connecting it to a computer with its USB charging cable. Then download and install Garmin Updater software. The Garmin tool will identify the device and offer the possibility to upgrade the firmware. 

Do not get confused that the Garmin Updater website is in German. The downloaded software will be in English.

Some Garmin models offer direct firmware upgrade via WIFI in their settings module. Please refer to the Garmin manual if your devices offer this possibility. 

Conduct Factory Reset

If Garmin device was used before, you should factory reset it prior using it with Fitrockr. Factory reset option is generally found in the system settings on the Garmin device. 

Identify Devices

When handing out Garmin devices to participants you may want to think about identifying the devices if they should ever get mixed up. 

This article provides valuable insights in identifying Garmin devices:

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