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Smartphone Sync (single-sync) with Fitrockr Sync app


Setup - Join-Code

Pre-requisite to sync with the Fitrockr Sync app is a Fitrockr user account. Create a user account and generate the personal join-code of the user that should be connected with the Garmin device.

Share join-code with the user to connect smartphone with Garmin device.

Setup – Android Smartphone

If you experience issues, follow the Fitrockr Trouble Shooting Guide.

Scroll down for iPhone instructions

(1) update Garmin device firmware (

(2) factory reset Garmin device.

(3) remove Garmin Connect app from smartphone if applicable. 

(4) download the “Fitrockr Sync” app from the Google Play Store. 

Do not mistakenly download the “Fitrockr Hub – Garmin Sync” or “Fitrockr – Fitness Challenges” or “Fitrockr Live – Data Streaming” app. 

(5) open the Fitrockr Sync app.

(6) select GET STARTED. 

(7) approve camera access to allow scanning of QR code.

(8) approve Bluetooth access to allow  connecting wearable(s).

(9) click Next.

(10) approve background sync to allow  synchronizing wearable(s) in the background without opening the app.

(11) select OPEN SETTINGS.

(12) select + to add app (this screen may look different depending on your smartphone).

(13) select Fitrockr Sync app.

(14) click < to go back to the Fitrockr Sync app.

(15) scan QR code or manually enter join-code.

(16) confirm that you have read and accept the documents. 

(17) select PAIR DEVICE. 

(18) select Garmin device.

If Garmin device is not displayed, make sure it is in Bluetooth pairing mode or check the trouble shooting guide at

(19) follow pairing instructions

(20) sync the Garmin device once before starting data collection. This will apply all necessary configurations to the Garmin device. 

The device is now ready to collect data.

The device will attempt to synchronize automatically in the background.    

Check the settings

Project settings will be transferred to the device whenever it is synchronized. It is recommended to check whether settings got successfully transferred at initial device setup. To do so, check settings in the Fitrockr app under Settings navigation item or in the Fitrockr Control Center under Device when editing a user. 

If device settings are wrong, sync again until device settings have been correctly updated.

Blank out device screen

Project settings allow to blank out device screens. This setting will be transferred during a synchronization. If device screen still allows to swipe through the data after synchronization, restart the app / phone and sync again.

Background synchronization

Garmin devices have a built-in logic when to attempt a background sync. This is event-based rather than time-based. This means that background syncs are happening irregularly. We therefore advise to set up a sync alert to remind users to manually sync if background sync repeatedly fails. 

Set up a sync alert

It is highly recommended to set up a sync alert. In the Fitrockr Control Center, select Manage > Alerts and set up an alert if device is not synced every 2 days. Set up a trigger to send a push notification to participants that fail to do so. This will remind participant to manually sync if background sync was not properly running.

Setup – iPhone Smartphone

Fitrockr Sync app is not ready for use with Garmin devices yet. 

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